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*The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle*

*Story Line*

The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle tells the story of the Sex Pistols according to the viewpoint of their manager, Malcolm McLaren. It is unlike any documentary you have likely seen before.

Just a warning. The following video is rather crude but it is your choice to view it or not. Please do not complain to me. It is after all part of the Sex Pistols legacy. It's not a very clear copy, however.

Malcolm takes full credit for the punk rock scene. He says in the beginning: "But my greatest invention was what they called, 'The Punk Rock' ". Diehard fans of the music will clearly be able to pick up on the many inaccuracies.

McLaren had Ten Commandments to enable a band to become an overnight success, all the while milking music companies and the fans of a lot of money.

Examples of some rules were:

  • Show various record companies the potential of a band that can't play.
  • Make it as hard as possible for the media to get to the group.
  • Insult your audience as much as possible and stimulate hatred for the band itself.
He declared that the punk rock scene was merely a swindle to rake in a lot of money. It had nothing to do with the talent or creativity of the artists. It was all to do with marketing.

This pseudo-documentary unfolds through McLaren telling his story to his female cohort Helen, interviews, live performances, amusing animations and a sub-plot with band member, Steve Jones playing a detective searching for the manager.

"The Swindle" contains the Sid Vicious versions of 'C'mon Everybody' and "Something Else'; this song featuring girlfriend Nancy Spungen. We also see Sid sauntering through Paris in a very entertaining scene just prior to his infamous 'My Way' video.

Ronnie Biggs as a Sex Pistol.

Steve Jones and Paul Cook travel to Rio and record songs with Ronnie Biggs. The highlights of this visit are in this movie. Unbelievable, but let's just take at face value. Some of this movie appears to be highly racist, a movement I don't support, but the story had to unfold as it did.

Johnny Rotten


Unfortunately, there is little footage of Johnny Rotten, except for live music and previous interviews. Imagine listening to what this guy really had to say. I always thought he was called "Rotten" because of his green teeth. Then I recently read he was noticed for his green hair. Maybe he had both.

The film ends with an animation to the song 'Friggin' in the Riggin'. This beautifully outlines the history of the Sex Pistol's story. Whether you believe it or not!