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*My Way*

*The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle*

My Way

*My Way (And at last the video!)*

I have been looking for the best picture of Sid Vicious from his video of 'My Way" without success. The one I want is in colour as he is walking down the stairway with music swirling around him. His older audience are dressed up in finery as if they are waiting to meet the Queen. They smile and applaud his every move, each distasteful line or word. And then I finally found the video.

However, this is not the scene from the movie. The original video was removed from Youtube. But I have found this one, modified slightly, the audience and beginning and end scenes are different and some "words" drowned out. Still I am happy to have one back, thanks to the owner. I have decided to keep my original description from the movie video to fill in the missing parts,so you know my true thoughts.

As you may remember in the movie, Sid begins the song in a slow outrageous voice, to which you are probably listening at this moment. Then he changes into a hilarious punk version of the song. I once wrote a poem about a favourite football team (not for publication!) using Sid's version of 'My Way'.

This is a real turnaround of the audience. Imagine the theatre filled with punks loving every word Frank Sinatra sings. It's all so surreal and also very cool.

Throughout the song the audience continue to smile and cheer amid tiaras and all, some ladies on the verge of fainting. Then as the song reaches its climax, Sid pulls out a gun and decides to shoot at them. Even then there is only mere shock with some of the gentlemen standing up exclaiming at this outrageous, dirty deed. However Sid walks back up the stairway, gives the them finger, and leaves.

I know it sounds sick, but his song, as much as I love it, is also sick. And that is what the Sex Pistols did the best!

Just for interest sake, the song Sid was to originally perform was 'Je ne Regrette Rien'. Then it was replaced by 'My Way', but Sid was supposed to sing it as per Frank Sinatra, for the entire song! Sid wasn't happy with that, saying he wanted to do it like The Ramones. At last the words were changed, and a lot of credit must be given to Nancy to find the words to suit Sid. Finally he was happy to perform.

And at last, here it is!