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*Gone With The Wind*

Rhett and Bonnie


The previously confirmed bachelor, and the headstrong, stubborn, wilful Southern belle, eventually marry and give birth to a beautiful baby girl, Bonnie. She is the joy of Rhett's life, Scarlett loves her as much as a mother could, but there were always other issues in her life that prevented her from becoming a full-time mother.

Rhett became such a responsible, caring person and so very principled after Bonnie's birth, that he became well respected around the community. All the Southern Matrons greeted him with their utmost respect, whilst giving Scarlett little more than a short nod, when the couple took their daily stroll, Rhett pushing Bonnie's pram.

Scarlett and Ashley

Scarlett, however, became greedier and more ambitious. She still harboured her secret love for Ashley. This would finally be Scarlett's downfall, as she loses all those people close to her, whom deep inside she really had the capacity to love. The man that she really loved, the man whom she thought she loved. Her only true female friend and a child that she never really learned to love. Scarlett was neither a good nor bad person, just someone who was a little too selfish, spoilt and manipulative, the latter working to her favour when you recall the many people who indulged her every whim.

Mention must be made of the film's sympathy for the dispossessed white citizens and the blind ignorance of the plight of the slaves.Scarlett's special Mammy. However, strong performances like those of Mammy and Big Sam, also bring to light, their acceptance, albeit reluctant servitude to the O'Hara's and also the recognition the family gives back to them. Even in these days, their slavery appears acceptable due to the currents running in the movie. However, if one was made like that, supposedly in the 21st century, I doubt it would pass censorship.

Mammy is the one person who is able to coerce Scarlett into doing what her family expects of her. She is also shrewd enough to understand the reason why Scarlett decides to go to Atlanta and be with her Aunt Pittypat after her first husband, Charles, is killed in the war.

  • Scarlett: "Atlanta!"
  • Mammy: "Savannah would be better for ya. You just get in trouble in Atlanta."
  • Scarlett: "What trouble you talkin' 'bout?"
  • Mammy: "You know what trouble I's talkin' 'bout. Mr. Ashley be comin' to Atlanta when he get's his leave, and you sattin' there waitin' for him, just like a spider!"
  • Scarlett: "You go pack my things like Mother said!"