*Cast & Introduction*  
*Story Line*  
*What an Ending!!*

*Pulp Fiction*

*What an Ending!!*

JimmieThe Wolf.

After a shoot-out, which is described by Jules as being a "divine intervention", "a miracle", because they had survived certain death, he and Vincent, incur a "bloody mess", and hence, they land at the home of Jimmie, a friend of Jules. At his home, they are honoured by the visit of Winston, The Wolf, who resolves this problem in a systematic and entertaining way.


Planning the hold-up.
And finally we arrive at the table of "Ringo" and Yolanda, two small-time crooks who are actually first introduced prior to the theme song of the movie. They decide to hold up the restaurant. Now the circle is complete where the ending was once the beginning.



You're DEAD!!Jules and Vincent minding their own business.

As would happen in this movie, the unexpected occurs. Jules and Vincent are eating there at the time.


We're off, man!


What is the finale? Is it this picture? I wouldn't want to give that away, but then I think you already know the ending. The trouble is, that sometimes it is hard to let go when you really don't want a film to finish, or perhaps hoping there is another twist that will keep it going a little further.