*Introduction & Cast*  
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*The Matrix*



By day, Thomas Anderson is a computer programmer, responsible, hard working and very good at his job.Thomas Anderson By night he is Neo, a computer hacker and is guilty of virtually every computer crime for which there is a law against.Computer hacker

Neo, however, is not entirely happy and is constantly searching for the meaning of his existence.

One night, he is contacted on-line by a presence named Morpheus. It is he who reveals the terrible truth. That mankind is actually living in a computerised generated dreamworld, an immense computer programme. It is not 1999 as Neo believes, but 200 years into the future. (It could be much more, or maybe even less.)

Early in the 21st century, brilliant Artificial Intelligent machines were created. They became an entire race of thinking machines, a new life form. Sentient machines, created to help mankind in every way. However, eventually these sentient machines believed themselves to be vastly superior to those who mastered them. As the human race realised that they were being taken over, they began a nuclear war which eventually darkened the skies and blocked the sun. The AI's needed that solar energy to function, and upon winning this war, they rounded up as many surviving humans they could find. They were placed in suspended animation without any memory of what had occurred. Lodged in huge warehouses, their bodies in incubators immersed in fluid, the AI used humans as a power source, drawing all the power and energy needed. Basically, the machines now harvested them for energy - humans became living batteries.The incubators-pods-the humans were stored in.

This picture shows us looking down on one section of the incubating pods. Opposite are many more towers housing these human batteries.

However, in this particular environment, the brain received no stimuli. Just storing and feeding nutrients was not enough to keep these humans alive and they died prematurely. So the AI created The Matrix, a computer programme designed to be the perfect world. Prods were inserted into the back of each human's brain, making them believe they lived in a world. A world where there was no wars, no famine, everyone would be happy and no one would suffer. Yet it appeared that without stimulation and excitement, the human brain ceased to function.

Agent Smith told Morpheus (more on these two soon), he believed that,
"... as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery."

So The Matrix was redesigned to a more mentally challenging time.

This world in 1999, was realistic, so the human mind believed it was happening. They were actually living out their lives in captivity. However, there must be Rules so everything that had occurred in the real world, would be duplicated in this computer programme.

People do not normally jump from one building to the next. They do not run up walls. They certainly don't stop bullets with the palm of their hand. If humans saw this happening, they would probably think they were going mad. Or suspect that all is not what it seems. In the way that Neo did. Although his suspicion was purely intuitive, and because he was The One.

So what and who is The One?

This is Morpheus!

Morpheus, one of the few remaining freed humans was told by The Oracle, that Neo was The One. The saviour who would rescue humanity from slavery.

So he was rescued from his incubator by Morpheus and his crew. He was trained in mind power and "so called" physical strength, to overthrow the machines and free mankind.

Earlier it was mentioned of Neo's never-ending search for the meaning of his existence, and of this, Morpheus told him: "What you knew you cannot explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there is something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."

The Matrix Agents

Searching for the rebel humans, are The Agents. They look like 'The Men In Black' or 'The Blues Brothers': you choose. They are computer programmes that live in The Matrix. They are similar to anti-virus software, designed to destroy intruders and keep the Matrix running smoothly. These agents are looking for Morpheus, the leader of a group of the home-grown and freed grown-humans. The Agents know that Morpheus has the code and information to Zion.

Zion is a city found near the Earth's core, where humans reside and keep their technology that could access The Matrix. The agents captured and placed a tracing device into Neo, thinking he could lead them to Morpheus.

Oh, but did they mess up, not realising the true potential of Neo!