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*Visuals & Special Effects*

*The Matrix*

The Leap!

*Visuals & Special Effects*


Not exactly the theme tune although many people believe it is. A great mix by Rob Dougan.


So that is the general outline of The Matrix. Besides the fact that it is an extraordinary story, the visuals and special effects are spectacular.Doing her stuff It begins immediately at the start of the movie when Trinity is trying to escape from the police (she kills them all), and then she must flee from the Agents. She is running up and down walls, along ceilings, with incredible dexterity, dodging bullets along the way. Once outside, she leaps from building to building and finally executes a magnificant torpedo dive into the opposing building, smashing through a window to arrive safely.What a shot!

Neo in midair

Other scenes show characters in mid-air, delivering kung-fu kicks and amazing gymastics. Even the shootouts are stunning, guns blazing, targets never missed.  Waking up in his pod

Breaking free

And the visuals are spectacular. The huge warehouses of incubated humans. Neo being engulphed by a liquid-form mirror. Neo awakening in his pod and then breaking free. The nuclear devastation that once was Earth. The list is endless.

One of my biggest questions regarding the emancipation of humankind is simply; what happens now? If the freed-humans and the free-born humans, led by Neo, build their numbers and overthrow the machines, where do they go? Earth has been devastated and it would take years if not centuries to rebuild. So would humankind continue to live in The Matrix, while the real Earth was being resurrected. And if so, would humankind know what had happened and realise that all they had to do was know that The Matrix was not real. Then havoc would occur. People could do and take what they wanted and again, Earth would be destroyed.

Perhaps a certain amount of skilled managers, technologists, medical staff, builders, craftsmen and so on could be assigned to their appropriate country, to rebuild whilst the rest remain in ignorance. But then again, there is the problem. They might think that why should I have to work hard here, while the rest live as they have done, (regardless of poverty, war etc) and then reap the benefits, when all is ready for resettlement. This argument could continue into many pages. I think I'll wait for Sequels' 2 and 3 to inform me!