*Introducing the Players*
*Glamorous? Yeah, Right!*
*The Music and The End*


*Glamorous? Yeah, Right!*

So this is the depressing kick-in-the-gut movie about the dark and sordid side of Britain.

No, not really. Nor does it glorify drug use despite what Rents reflects upon.

Drug Paraphernalia"People think it's all about misery and desperation and death and all that shite, which is not to be ignored. But what they forget is the pleasure of it. Otherwise we wouldn't do it. After all, we're not f--king stupid. At least we're not that f--king stupid. Take the best orgasm you ever had, multiply it by a thousand and you're still nowhere near it."

The team behind Trainspotting were all too aware that it could come across that the film was glamourising drugs. However as Irvine Welsh said, "Heroin might make you feel f--king great for awhile but it may well kill you too."

Such a perfect day.Watching Rents go cold turkey after his overdose,Swanny sees Rents sinking is the most haunting part of this movie. The Lou Reed song 'Perfect Day', summarised how a beautiful day could turn bad, ie, the final lyrics, "You're gonna reap just what you sow." Ideal song, hey?

His dealer Swanny watches as Rents slips further away. Into the carpet as it was, so surrealistic.

Going Home with the folks. Rents' parents collect him from the hospital and are determined to do things their way. No more Methadone treatment. This time he does it alone. In his room, locked away from all. Only he is not alone as he hallucinates about his mates and associates.

Rents' words: "I'm in the junkie limbo at the moment. Too ill to sleep, too tired to stay awake...sweat, chills, nausea, pain and craving. A need like nothing else I've ever known will soon take hold of me. It's on its way." And these are some of the weird and horrid things that he sees and hears.

Hallucinating Diane

Diane is singing to him. "We've got green eyes, you've got blue eyes, we've got grey eyes, and I've never seen anyone quite like you before". (Two songs into one on the soundtracks, done by New Order and Heaven 17. Hard to explain here.)

And who is Diane, you may ask? She is the female who has the # 3 position in the promos and the CD/Video etc. (Should've been Tommy.) But she does a great job of it. Rents picks her up at a club, or is it the other way around. (After she deals with a would-be-suitor by drinking the drink he offers to her, and then takes his drink and swallows that as well.)

*Atomic* Their dialogue:

Renton: Excuse me, excuse me. I don't mean to harass you, but I was very impressed with the capable and stylish manner in which you dealt with that situation. And I was thinking to myself, now that girl's special.

Diane: Thanks.

Renton: What's your name?

Diane: Diane.

            Renton: And where are you going, Diane?

            Diane: I'm going home.

            Renton: Well, where's that?

            Diane: It's where I live.

            Renton: Great.

            Diane: Why?

            Renton: Well, I'll come back with you if you like, but like, I'm not promising anything, you know.

            Diane: Do you find this approach usually works? Or, let me guess, you've never tried it before. In fact, you don't usually approach girls, am I right? The truth is that you're a quiet, sensitive type, but if I'm prepared to take a chance, I just might get to know the inner you. TAXI! A little bit crazy, a little bit bad. But, hey! Don't us girls just love that?

            Renton: Eh?

            Diane: Well, what's wrong, boy? Cat got your tongue?

See what I mean. Trouble is, it's not till the next morning, when he greets her "flat-mates" and Diane walks into the dining room in her school uniform that Rents realises he is sitting with her (oblivious to the situation) parents and she is definitely underage!

Hallucinating Begbie *scary stuff*

And then Begbie appears beneath the sheets with Rents. He threatens him with violence if he doesn't kick his habit.

Hallucinating baby DawnRents resurfaces, only to find baby Dawn, crawling across the ceiling. She died in her cot when everyone was hitting up. Her mother Alison was hysterical, and the father of Dawn (no one knew before) became obvious when Sickboy screamed at Rents to "Say Something. Huh?!" Rents went to cook up, and Alison joined him. Sickboy remained sobbing by the cot.
Hallucinating Spud in prison

Spud has turned up, as if to remind Rents that they both did the crime, but he did the time. Spud's not that type, he wouldn't hold a grudge, but Rents' guilt could be catching up with him.

Hallucinating very sick TommyAnd the inevitable; Tommy. He was the fit, healthy one, who enjoyed a social drink and didn't do drugs. However, he didn't cope with breaking up with girlfriend Lizzie, and approached Rents with money for his first hit. While Rents was going through his withdrawals, Tommy contracted HIV which developed into full blown AIDS. He bought Lizzie a kitten that she didn't want, so Tommy kept it. The kitten was neglected while Tommy was off his face, and it deposited its waste products all about the flat. Tommy contracted Toxoplasmosis because of this. The movie dialogue called it an abscess of the brain, some kind of stroke. From what I've read, it is Toxoplasma encephalitis, which is rapidly fatal if not treated. He developed headaches and took more and more of heroin. The neighbours phoned the police because of the smell emanating from the flat, and Tommy was found lying face down in a pool of vomit. He had been dead for several days, the others all being in London.

Glamorous? Yeah, right!