*Introduction to Brian & Maxwell Demon*  

  *Cast and Story* 
*Comparisions, Music & Mandy*
*Arthur's Eye & The End of Glam Rock*
*Tumbling Down*


Maxwell Demon

*Cast and Story*

  • Ewan McGregor .... Curt Wild
  • Jonathan Rhys-Meyers .... Brian Slade
  • Christian Bale .... Arthur Stuart
  • Toni Collette .... Mandy Slade
  • Eddie Izzard .... Jerry Devine
  • Emily Woof .... Shannon
  • Michael Feast .... Cecil

Curt Wild: "We set out to change the world, ended up just changing ourselves."

Arthur Stuart: "What's wrong with that?"

Curt Wild: "Nothing, if you don't look at the world."

Next scene, a group of hopeful losers in a downtrodden bar, always on the outside looking in.

News Reporter Arthur StuartOne of many guises of Maxwell Demon"Velvet Goldmine", a depiction of glam-rock based roughly around 1969 to 1974, is a spectacular tribute to this movement that overtook London in the early seventies. The story takes us to and from, 1974 to 1984, as British journalist Arthur Stuart (pictured left) covers a story on the 10th year anniversary of the disappearance of glam-rocker Brian Slade, for the New York Herald. Slade rose to fame after reinventing himself from an imageless fledgling into a glittering rock star, along with his alter-ego, Maxwell Demon.

Curt and Brian in happier times.Mandy in her day
Breaking into America, he embarks on an affair with the charismatic and decadent Curt Wild, which with it, eventually brings the end of his marriage to Mandy and the beginning of a torrid, cocaine-filled relationship. Initially, it was a gloriously happy union, however things began to go sour when Curt began recording for him.

Jerry Devine

After the acrimonious breakup, Slade phones his manager, Devine, wanting to break his contract. Upon failing this, he fakes his own assassination onstage.Brian Slade's assassination This is eventually revealed as a hoax and Slade goes into hiding. Stuart's search includes an interview with another ex-manager, Cecil, Slade's wife and finally ex-lover, Wild.

Tommy looking like Brian
Although Wild does not reveal he has any knowledge of Slade's whereabouts, his very presence in New York at the time of the Tommy Stone Show, his ticket to the show (we assume it is his, it is crumpled up on his table in front of him) and plus, the extra scenes given to this variety show host, are there to suggest something. This picture, by the way, is not how Tommy Stone looks now, it appeared on television just after Stone was asked by Arthur Stuart about his relationship with Brian Slade ten years ago. Possibly a shock picture just to show how they could be one and the same? The hair style certainly is.

Are we being told, and not so subtly, the answer? Personally, I think the film is saying it's a possibility but that's all. I don't think we will ever know the truth.