*Introduction to Brian & Maxwell Demon*  

  *Cast and Story* 
*Comparisions, Music & Mandy*
*Arthur's Eye & The End of Glam Rock*
*Tumbling Down*

See her tumbling down...

*Tumbling Down*

Maxwell Demon on the ChandelierTo conclude this movie, let's assess with what is left. We know that most of the characters came "tumbling down". But what happened to some of them will always remain a mystery. These pictures depict a later Maxwell Demon, who seems to have grown older and recognises that this is the end of his persona.

That is why this song at the end of the movie works so well. "Tumbling down". I found this song very moving and thought it was beautifully done. It is worth watching.

     A brilliant end to a magnificant film and a wonderful era!
A dream or reality?

Yet even before the movie is finally complete, we find Curt and Arthur on the top of the building, during the after show party of 'The Death of Glam Rock'.

So what does this mean. A continuation of Arthur's "Dorian Gray existence",

I'll leave that for you to think about.