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*Wuthering Heights*

Cathy and Heathcliff seemed to be born and driven into conflict. When Cathy's father, Mr Earnshaw brought Heathcliff back from Liverpool, -he was an orphan on the streets - Cathy's infamous words were "But he is dirty". Her father's answer to her was, "Oh, Cathy, please don't make me ashamed of you."

Courageous as they were, Cathy and Heathcliff became the best of friends, all the while having Hindley, Cathy's brother, building an intensified hatred towards them both, especially Heathcliff. After Hindley thrashed Heathcliff with his whip because he wanted Heathcliff's horse, Heathcliff and Cathy bonded even more closely and declared upon Peniston Crag, their castle, that she was Queen Cathy, and he was her Knight, who saved her from the Black Knight. My photo, Peniston Crag, to which Cathy and Heathcliff would flee

This place in the distance, though blurred in my photograph was the location of Peniston Crag, known by locals as Ponden Kirk. I met a couple, on my wanderings up the moors, who pointed this out to me. It was my only blurred photo of this journey, (and such an important picture), so I made an arrow to show exactly where they meant. I did not make it to Top Withens, of which the house of Wuthering Heights was based upon, due to the wet weather. Yet,from where I stood, it seemed a long way from Ponden Kirk, although, I would suppose that in summer, a long distance is more easily accessible than it would be in autumn and winter.

This is an actual photo of Ponden Kirk.

Ponden Kirk


Top Withins

This particular farmhouse, Top Withens, on a high point of the moors, may be the inspiration for the house of 'Wuthering Heights'. A stone plaque, set into one of the outside walls explains this, although it has not been proven as certain. This view also shows how far I was able to climb.

Branwell's sketch This sketch was done by Branwell Bronte, the brother of the three sisters. It was of farm buildings, which resemble Top Withins.

But back to Cathy and Heathcliff, their love was declared at such a young age. What seemed so pure and true at the time, ended up damning them both.

There was Cathy's indecision between being a wild gypsy of the moor and the Queen of Peniston Crag, or the Queen of the Manor. And Heathcliff's decision of what meant more to him, seeing Cathy happy as Edgar's wife, or punishing her by marrying Edgar's sister. IsabellaCould either of them see beyond their own selfish feelings? Heathcliff did take off and made a fortune, returning, only to find that Cathy had married already. One could understand his bitterness. But if only he had stayed longer, hidden outside the kitchen, to hear the full story of Cathy's evening with Edgar. He heard her declare her love for Edgar and that she wouldEdgar marry him. Asked by Ellen why she loved him, Cathy replied "Because he's handsome and pleasant to be with...Because he'll be rich someday, and I'll be the finest lady in the county." When asked how she loved him she replied, "I love the ground under his feet, the air above his head, and everything he touches." Ellen asked "What about Heathcliff?"

Cathy: "Oh Heathcliff. He gets worse everyday. It would degrade me to marry him. I wish he hadn't come back."

And Heathcliff left at this stage not hearing Cathy's change of heart.

Cathy: "I don't think I belong in Heaven, Ellen. I dreamt once that I was there. I dreamt I went to Heaven, and that Heaven didn't seem to be my home. And I broke my heart with weeping to come back to Earth. And the angels were so angry they flung me out into the middle of the heath, on top of Wuthering Heights. And I woke up sobbing with joy. That's it, Ellen. I have no more business marrying Edgar Linton than I have of being in Heaven."

And finding out that Heathcliff had heard the cruel word's she had spoken, Cathy did not think he would return and accepted Edgar's hand in marriage. Oh, what terrible things they did to each other, knowingly, but even worse, unknowingly!