*Cathy's Dream*
*Cathy: Cruel and Kind*
*Mr Lockwood and Peace Eternal*

*Wuthering Heights*

Mr Lockwood

*Mr Lockwood and Peace Eternal*

Introducing Mr Lockwood.

He is the new tenant at the Grange who, one night, became lost during a raging blizzard on the moors. He arrives at Wuthering Heights and asks shelter for the night. He is begrudgingly given a room by his host Heathcliff and his wife Isabella. It Josephwas a dark, unfriendly house and he was led upstairs to a dusty, damp room by Joseph. It was the bridal suite, which no one had used in years.

Unable to sleep because the wind continually blew the shutter against the window, Mr Lockwood got up to close it. And then he heard a ghost-like female voice, crying: "Heathcliff. Can you hear me? Let me in. I'm lost in the moors..." He shouted downstairs to Heathcliff: "Help, help, Mr. Heathcliff, Mr. Heathcliff, there's someone here." He drew his hand back in from the window, he felt it hand been grabbed by something, someone, so icy cold!

Lockwood: "Mr. Heathcliff, there's someone out there in the storm. It's a woman. I heard her calling. She said her name. It - Cathy, Cathy, that was it. Cathy? Oh, I must have been dreaming. Forgive me Mr. Heathcliff."

Heathcliff: "Get out of this room. Get out! Get out I tell you!"

Heathcliff crying out to Cathy.

Downstairs, Ellen begins to tell Mr Lookward the heart-breaking story of Cathy and Heathcliffe.

EllenEllen: "I can still see and hear that wild hour, with poor Heathcliff trying to tear away the veil between death and life, crying out to Cathy's soul to haunt him and torment him 'til he died."

Mr Lockwood: "You say that was Cathy's ghost I heard at the window?"

Ellen: "Not a ghost, but Cathy's love, stronger than time itself, still sobbing for its unlived days and uneaten bread."

*    *    *

After desperately searching for Cathy's ghost in the snowy cold storm, Heathcliff freezes to death. His soul joins his love in death at their favorite place forevermore.

Dr. Kenneth enters the room, claiming to have seen Heathcliff walking the moors with a woman.

Dr. Kenneth: "I tell you, I saw them both. He had his arm about her. So I climbed up after them. And I found him, only him, alone, with only his footprints in the snow."

Ellen: "Under a high rock on a ledge near Peniston Crag."
Dr. Kenneth: "Yes."

Mr Lockwood: "Was he dead?"

Dr Kenneth looked at Mr Lockwood and nodded.

Ellen: "No not dead, Dr. Kenneth. Not alone. He's with her. They've only just begun to live. Goodbye Heathcliff. Goodbye my wild sweet Cathy."

Together again forever.

In this final totally unforgettable image, the young, ghostly spirits of Cathy and Heathcliff are re-united for eternity on Peniston Crag, wandering along the pathways, walking joyously across the moors, where they had spent so many happy hours together in their childhood.