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I have been supporting Chelsea since October 1999. I was doing some research and needed to find a London based Football Team. I had lived in London for a few years some time ago and loved the Chelsea area so I chose that Team. Before long, I became a fervent supporter and now even follow that type of football in my own country.

I'm not at all sorry the YouTube is old with players no longer there, because it is a great video and its owner, © giftedkid26, should be very proud.

But now; *It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, And I'm feeling good.* © Bricusse/ Newley

Meaning I would love to devote more time to Chelsea, but there are so many changes, I cannot keep this page updated. So I am just giving you the Official Chelsea Site, which is brilliant and will tell you all about fixtures, results, players and more.

I am still passionate about Chelsea and so is "The Special One", Josť Mourinho, seen here in a photo of at his first Premier League game against Hull after his return as Manager in the 2013/2014 seaon. They won of course. 2:0.


Just Remember:

*Keep The Blue Flag Flying High*

The Official Chelsea FC Site