*A New Morning*

Brett, 2002.

At last, news!

Stephen Street has revealed that Suede's fifth album is completed.

As a long time fan of the band, he says he is really excited to be involved with this really great collection of songs.

The Album moves away from the more experimental style of the 1999's Head Music, and returns to a more basic sound of their earlier music.

"I think it's more song based than the last album. On that they were playing with programming drum and stuff and trying to go down different avenues, but I think this is a return to real classic song construction."

The new album was completed at the end of March, 2002 at London's Townhouse studios. Final editing was completed and mastering was commencing on 1st May. Rumour had it that the band wanted the album to be released as soon as possible, but management disagreed.

Current Suede people.

The name of the album is A New Morning and songs include hidden track 'Oceans', 'Beautiful Loser' and 'Positivity'. Alex Lee has apparently written a brilliant track for the album. The band is extremely pleased with the results and are currently rehearsing live versions of the new songs. Tour and festival dates have been released.

A New Morning will be released in the UK on September 30th, 2002, and the first single "Positivity" will be out 16th September. There are two CD's and their first DVD single.

CD1 contains the video of 'Positivity', plus songs, 'One Love' and 'Simon'.

CD2 has the B-sides (or added tracks), 'Superstar' and 'Cheap'.

The DVD includes 'Colours', 'Campfire Song', 'The Positivity' video and footage from Suede's recent surprise showcase gig for members of the fan club.Suede in concert, 2002

This was at a fan club surprise, when the members thought they may meet the band at a celebration of 10 years since "The Drowners" hit the UK. However, they were told the band were too busy rehearsing... and then told they were to be taken there to watch them. It turned out to be a magical event. As well as new songs, the crowd were allowed requests, and it seems Suede are on track for another number one album.

Another event introducing the new songs was at David Bowie's Meltdown Festival at the London Royal Festival Hall, where Suede employed a 10-piece orchestra. This performance also received rave reviews.

A New Morning

After hearing A New Morning, and although 'Positivity' is good, I think it is a bit lame for the first single. I would have gone for 'Beautiful Loser', 'Street Life' or even the possible second release, 'Obsessions'. There are some lovely slower songs, i.e 'Lost in TV' and 'Untitled' which are simply divine. I'm not too sure how this album will compare to the others. I hope it does well
in any case. A brilliant homemade video of 'Lost in TV' follows.
Ignore The London Suede bit. Not worth commentiong on.


'Obsessions' was released on Nov 18th 2002. Again, there is a CD1, CD2 and DVD. I will just add CD1 picture this time.

CD1 has the radio edit of 'Obsessions', new tracks, 'Cool Thing' and 'Instant Sunshine', plus live footage from the Marquee Club.

CD2 features the album version of 'Obsessions' with tracks 'UFO' and 'Rainy Day Girl', and live footage from The Scala.

The DVD has the Obsessions video, new tracks "Hard Candy' and 'ABC Song' and an extra feature, Developing Obsessions. Here is 'Obsessions' live.


I have a great review from BBC Manchester Music Online on one of Suede's more recent performances.

Suede 2002

Review by Chris Long Venue: Academy 1, Oxford Road Date: Sun 3 Nov Monday 4th November 2002 Suede @ Academy 1

"It's to a back drop of lukewarm reviews to their album, band changes, and threats to be put on pop's scrapheap that the audience files into the Academy to see one of Britain's best bands of the last decade, the foppish fun that is Suede. Only the accusations of foppishness should be thrown from a hotel window along with the TV as a muscle bound Brett strides onto the stage and over the next hour and a half produces one of the most energetic, uncompromising performances Manchester will see all year. It takes a few songs to get used to Anderson's have-it attitude, complete with hand punches, hip shimmies and pogo-dancing, like a cross between Andrew WK and a supermodel, but once Trash punches a hole in the air of apathy that sits on the audience, the realisation hits that Suede are still one of the country's best live bands. Metal Mickey surges across the Academy, Filmstar throws around the moshpit,Suede 2002 Streetlife stomps around like a stroppy child, the crowd goes absolutely mental and Brett, razor wit in hand, accuses the mass of taking a vow of silence! Anderson stood as a star across the proceedings, forcing every person present to enjoy themselves with a combination of full-on arm-waving taunts, hip-swaying scissor kicking teases and fill-in singalongs, with the assembled filling in the chorus for She's In Fashion and the falsetto in encore wonder The Wild Ones. This was not the sound and look of a band past its best, it was the passion of a band on top of its game, a band still as important as the day The Drowners pierced your bedroom boredom. Retract the rumours, get the album and fall in love with Suede again. They deserve it."

There is talk of a Greatest or perhaps a Best Hits Album from Suede, although I hate those. There will be no more releases from A New Morning. In fact, it turned out to be Suede's least successful album. Some of the B sides from the singles were as good or better than some of those on the album, especially 'Hard Candy'.

I must admit however, Suede still make great music. This is another great album, and one you must add to your music collection.