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*The Black Lodge*

You might want to turn your speakers down when viewing this video. Despite the soft song, there is a lot of screaming.

Who are the spirit entities that reside within the Lodges?

We will begin with the Black Lodge.

Mike and Bob (who is pictured at the top of this page) are two spirit entities that dwell in this Lodge. These evil beings try to claim many souls to their Lodge, especially innocent good souls. The spirits require a human host so they can feed upon fear and evil pastimes. They would possess their hosts, pursue dark pleasures and go on killing sprees.

Bob was the spiritLeland turned grey. inside Leland Palmer.When Leland was a young boy, he met Bob who used to flick matches at him, chanting "You want to play with fire, little boy." Leland said "yes", and let Bob in. Bob was able to possess his host whenever he pleased.The Owls are not what they seem.                                     

However, he did not remain in this human form at all times.He would leave and take the form of an owl. Remember the saying "The Owls are not what they seem."

Laura Palmer in High SchoolBob began abusing Laura since she was 12 yeas old. He wanted her to "let him in", and become a host so he could "taste through her mouth, and become her". However Laura was too strong for him despite the pain he had inflicted upon her. Her eventual death was most probably to escape him. She put on the "blue ring" (more about this later). Bob HAD to kill her if she wore this. He was unable to possess her. This still confuses me because through his dreams, Coops warns Laura not to put on the ring. And other incidents which you may see on the Youtube videos could confuse you even more.

Mike was a Black Lodge spirit-entity who was once Bob's partner.Mike AKA Phillip GerardHis host is a shoe-seller called Phillip Gerard. Bob and Mike spent some time together, killing for pleasure and power. However, Mike was purified and changed when he saw the face of God. (Not too sure, how, when or why, but I'll follow that up.) The two entities had "Fire Walk With Me" tattooed on their left arms. An evil tattoo representing the Black Lodge. Mike had his entire arm cut off. He remained close to Phillip Gerard, inhabiting him from time to time to watch over Bob and to prevent his murderous ways. He uses the drug Haloperidol to prevent Bob from possessing him and also, because of the amputation, to remain as Phillip Gerard when he is inhabiting him. He cannot belong to the White Lodge, unfortunately.

My confusion here is that Mike is always seen as the same person, obviously Phillip Gerard, or perhaps not. Mike cut off his arm, not Gerard, yet Bob is always seen as himself and also of the people he has inhabited.

I think there must be so much more to be added to the Black Lodge.