The strip below was the very first Calvin & Hobbes cartoon that I had ever seen. I just couldn't work it out. It made absolutely no sense to me. What was the writer on about? Then I saw Calvin in the last caption, and realised there was animation in this strip. It started to make some sense.

Since that time I've looked out for all Calvin and Hobbes cartoons, and of which I am now thoroughly passionate. I couldn't believe it when I came across this strip again. What a great way to start this part of my site!

I hope to include most of my favourites that I found in newspapers. (I stuck them on the front of some plastic files, and they are very difficult to scan, so I will give the best of the rest). Unfortunately, I still haven't found many of my favourites for Phone Messages, Snowmen and School, to name a few. However, the main aim of this passion is to get you to the Official Calvin & Hobbes site and also, to buy Bill Waterson's books. See below for details. *

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