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If you would like to hear music on this first page about Paris, click on the play icon and enjoy Edith Piaf. Because to me, Edith Piaf is Paris or is it the other way around? I do not apologise for the picture or sound quality. To me, it just makes it more authentic.

All my pages of Paris will have a song that remind me of that particular year. I enjoy playing the song as I read that page.

 ©Henri Cartier-Bresson: Paris vu de Notre Dame



I took this photograph (above) from the top of the Cathédrale de Notre Dame in 1993. I was trying to get the same angle as close as possible to the classic photo of Paris by Henri Cartier-Bresson. I didn't have a picture of it with me, so I think I did quite well. I have visited Paris five times and would go back so many more times, if money allowed. I have met so many people there, good and bad.

In this section on Paris, I aim to show many pictures of the fun I had there.

You can research facts in your libraries. Paris has so much more to offer. If I can find decent clear maps, I will try to include them. But I want this section to be all about fun in Paris, and definitely not about which street is where? When you are in Paris, you just follow your instincts, or a shoddy map you picked up somewhere. Just remember the North of the Seine is the Right Bank and the South is the Left Bank. I will try to remember to tell you where I am each time, but then again, does it really matter?