Elizabeth Kyle 1987 'White Wind ~ Messenger of Love'

This painting is copyright of Elizabeth Kyle, 1987 'White Wind ~ Messenger of Love'

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*Creation of The Unicorn*

This is the most beautiful musical composition and it is called 'Dance of the Unicorn', © to Sidh F. Tepperwein.

The portrait above is a favourite print of mine. *Put cursor on pic for details* As well as a card which I have framed, I also have this in a laminated poster. It really shows all the intricate details of this painting.The way the dove's feathers flow into her hair which flows into the Unicorn's mane. The cloak which flows into the night skies. The stars which float into the flora. The crystals which flow from the tail into the mane. Each time I look at the poster, I see something that I had not noticed before. It's uncanny; I've had the poster for seven years! The scan above does not do this portrait justice at all. You must look for a print yourself.

But now, let's turn to the Unicorn itself, and the magical stories that have been woven and cast into print.

Once upon a time, in another place there lived the Unicorn, abound with beauty, goodness, righteousness and joy. The Unicorn was revered and loved by all around, yet it did not seek glory or adoration from others. My favourite story about the origins of the Unicorn is from the book Unicornis, a manuscript discovered and annotated by Michael Green (1994) Pennsylvania: Running Press Book Publishers. This manuscript,from 15th century Italy, was recorded by a little-known Order, the Collegium Gnosticum. The story begins as such.

The Spirit, Galgallim

When there was only darkness, the Creator or Holy One made the Abode of Light. To counter the darkness that drew all things to itself, a resonance of the most awesome, sweetest chant was created, infused with intelligence, so it could become a powerful spirit to guide and harmonise every corner of the world. The spirit's name was Galgallim who whirled through timeless realms, bringing those that it could towards the Light. It always revolved around the central Light.

Then the Holy One wished to see what he created. So He raised Mountains, scattered with the gems of flame and asked of Galgallim that it accept shape upon Earth, to continue its service more powerfully. Galgallim agreed. From the heavens to the new-born lands of Earth, he arrived wrapped in a cloud and was known as Asallam, of the first-born Unicorns. He bore a horn of spiral light, a guiding light as was the sign of Galgallim. Asallam

And through his horn, Asallam created a gushing spring of life from a barren rock, and made fertile all manner of things upon Earth. And so in basic terms, the Unicorn became the favoured creature of the Holy One.

The story continues as the Unicorn dwelt with Mankind. They loved and they trusted each other, as they had both been created by the Holy One.

However, when Asallam first created life from his horn, some of the shining waters hissed down into burning abysses below the earth. And there the Dragon was born. Resentful that they were created by a Unicorn and not by the Holy One, they pursued Mankind in a fine and wondrous form, turning them against the Unicorn. And Mankind rose against the Unicorn (although the women grieved), and he walked alone, knowing he could not change their beliefs, but only guide them.

The Holy One was so upset by this treatment of his guide that he cast Mankind forth into the Second Age, the Age of Silver. But the Unicorn remained. Unless he was needed in the worlds that to which Mankind regressed, he stayed in the Golden Age.