Richard III

*Richard: Duke of Gloucester*


Richard III
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Richard, Duke of Gloucester
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It has been written that upon his deathbed, Edward nominated his brother, Richard of Gloucester, to be guardian of his heir Edward. The older nobility respected Richard and the loyalty he evoked in the the North equalled a faith that there could be a united England, albeit under a minority rule.

Of the four sons of Richard of York, Gloucester was the only one who resembled him. As a boy, when his father and Edward were fighting for the crown, he was sent with his brother George to reside with his sister the Duchess of Burgundy.

Once Edward succeeded to the throne, Richard and George returned to England. Edward gave Richard into the wardship of Warwick, and he lived at his stronghold of Middleham Castle in Yorkshire. (This later became Richard's home in the North.)

Middleham Castle


Here are a few pix I took of Middleham Castle. When I first saw it, in 1992, I was so overwhelmed. (I was in a bus going to Leyburn for accommodation and I just knew I had seen it or had been there before!!?)

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Entry to Great Hall

Great Hall Middleham


Being a powerful magnate, Warwick was considered well-worthy to take in a King's brother. Here, Richard learnt the rudiments of knightly conduct, training in horsemanship, the wielding of arms, hunting with hawks and hounds, and archery.


View from Keep

He was taught the traditional noble pastimes of music ( a life-long love), singing and playing of harp and pipe. He learnt to dance, to play chess, book learning (another love) and languages. He was taught the art of Chivalry, knightly manners and behaviour.


He formed close friends and allies at this time, and it was here he met and forged his friendship with Anne Neville, daughter of Warwick and his future wife.

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